Ken Jones Consulting

Delivering Financial Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations.

Ken Jones can help your organization with setting up financial systems and training staff, mentoring key financial managers to deliver the information you need to make decisions, and cleaning up inaccurate or incomplete financial information from past years.

Ken specializes in providing tools and approaches that allow your accounting staff to start thinking like strategic financial managers. If you are contemplating staff transitions in the finance area, he can help set up your search process, interview and screen candidates, and engage senior staff in a final selection process.

Are you in need of new Financial Accounting software or procedures? Ken has experience planning and implementing solutions that easily integrate with other areas of your organization such as Grants Management and Human Resources.

In addition, Ken has experience in Human Resources, Strategic Planning and Evaluation, and Financial Modeling.

Whether your organization is growing, facing financial challenges, or just needing a fresh perspective, Ken will design a project plan that meets your specific needs.

Ken Jones, Financial Solutions for Non-profits